Puppies Kennel Jolly Sprite

The puppies born in nursery.

“... Once upon a time, in the mysterious land far, far away, where the time has lost its power and where Kindliness and Wisdom rule the world, there was a small fairy town of Merry Elves. There, under the roof made of lightest snow-white clouds, on the emerald-green pretty lawn covered with flowers and crystal clear streams the small people lived happily – a happy and prankish fairy folk.

Happiness was a frequent guest in this little town, where the laughter mixed up with the silverly bells, where the air was filled with delicious gingersnap flavor, and where the Merry Elves were giving away their Joy and Merriment to everybody.”

Isn’t it just a fairytale? Can this country be real? Visit us and we will gladly introduce you to our merry elves and the Happiness will come to see you! A spitz – always happy, joyful and smiling – isn’t it the HAPPINESS itself? Can you think of something better than spending time with these funny and sunniful creatures, who always seek to be beside you whether in happiness, or in grief? Who else, if not a joyful spitz, can cheer up every sad person? And could you pass by such a pretty sunny WONDER without a smile on your face?

This miracle that a spitz can do to people is only attributable to elves.

So just think, a spitz, isn’t it an elf? And is the fairytale just a story?


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